Provider of solutions for your solutions

We provide solutions for your ultra low liquid handling applications in the picolitre to millilitre volume range.

Our mission: In the process from idea to finished product, we want you to experience the quality of our service and to benefit from our devotion to technical progress and automated solutions.


About us

M24You GmbH is a brand new company which has been established in November 2015 in Berlin by a german company M2-Automation and an austrian company Lauden Holding GmbH with the aim to support customers in the Low Volume Liquid Handling Technology market for Microarrays, Microfluidics, IVD-Diagnostics, Biosensors, Biochips and other applications where Liquid Handling is required.



Meet us at the following exhibitions:

MicroTAS - Dublin, Ireland
09th-13th October, 2016

SelectBio Lab Automation & Robotics - Berlin, Germany
08th-09th November, 2016

Medica - Dusseldorf, Germany
14th-17th November, 2016

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